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Business owners have done
the Visotsky Business Assessment
3 Reasons to do this Assessment:
Learn the immediate practical actions to increase your income.
Spot the “bottlenecks” that hold back the expansion of your business.
Find out where to begin the process of building (or rebuilding) your company.
We created this Assessment for business owners of small and mid-sized businesses with 10 or more employees and who:

Love their company and want to expand it

Work 25/7 and realize that they will not be able to sustain that for much longer

Believe that they are the only ones who care about the overall success of their company.

Want to understand what should be immediately changed in the company to get to the next level

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The Benefits of the Assessment:

Visotsky Business Assessment allows you to analyze all the main business processes in your company and find the “bottlenecks” that need to be handled fast.

This unique Assessment was developed after analyzing the particularities of more than 400 small and mid-sized businesses.

You will receive your Assessment results in just 30 minutes. Additionally, one of our consultants will provide you with a FREE evaluation of your results, as well as their professional recommendations on how to improve your business.

*The evaluation will ONLY be delivered to business owners with 10 or more employees

This Assessment will reveal:

The factors that hold back the expansion of your business
The reasons for loss of
income in your company
The biggest potential and present threats to your company

You will receive precise and practical recommendations on

how to properly distribute
company responsibilities and
motivate every employee
how to assess the present stage of
your business growth and determine the
direction of your future development
how to distribute properly
company responsibilities and motivate each employee
how to achieve
100% of your quotas and targets.
how to create a team
of professionals who work
collectively in the same direction


The Assessment is designed for and will be most
to business owners with at least 10 employees.

Why is this condition important?

For the most practical and effective analysis of the current company situation we need the unique viewpoint of the owner, which will always be different from the viewpoint of an executive or an employee.
This Assessment was developed
specifically for the business owner.
If the company has less than 10 employees, the Assessment results will not reveal much, as the various business functions are shared among the same employees and the organization is not yet fully-fledged
Do the Assessment

Here are the results from some of our clients who were able to
identify the “bottlenecks” in their business and successfully move past them.

  • The consultant was very competent and I enjoyed our communication. I am happy with everything and I am planning to work with them in the future and follow their advice.
    «Prof Tech Instrument»
  • This consultation was very useful for our company. It is always important to get a professional opinion. I plan to use the recommendations for financial planning, delegating, and strengthening the control over business targets. The consultant spotted and explained so much. I also brought my son with me to your seminar and he had so much fun and was completely delighted. I advise all business owners to their kids to these events to help groom their successors -- my son got very inspired and now wants to be a professional business owner!
  • Any communication is very helpful to a person. I learned a lot of valuable and useful information. We realized that in my company we did not distribute our gross income correctly and too big of a share was spent on salaries.
    «Gifts of Nature»
  • The first pleasant surprise that came from talking to the consultant was that I learned I wasn’t the only one with these business problems. The same situation had plagued many business owners and executives. In our discussion, I received the missing puzzle pieces and was able to form a solid foundation, which became the reason for my newfound confidence. I now have very simple and effective tools in my hands that when used proactively, while honing my skills over time, can produce incredible results!
  • It was really interesting to view our company through the eyes of the consultant. After consulting with him, we realized we are moving in the right direction.

How will the Visotsky Business Assessment help me?

You will find out what functions and divisions are pulling down your company and why.
You will get an evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of your business.
You will understand what direction your company should move in to increase profits.
You will have a professional and experienced consultant review your Assessment and provide you with an evaluation of your results.
You will find out how to re-organize to significantly increase your efficiency.

To take the Assessment, please follow these four easy steps

Answer the Assessment questions (30 mins)
Receive the Assessment graph (2 mins)
Make an appointment (5 mins)
Receive your Assessment evaluation at the scheduled time (approximate duration 1.5 hours)*
*The evaluation will be delivered only to business owners with 10 or more employees

Yes! You can have the efficiency of your business professionally evaluated ABSOLUTELY FREE

Are you ready to increase the profitability of your business? Act now!

Do the Assessment

About the Assessment:

The Visotsky Business Assessment asks 126 questions on various aspects
of your business. Each question can be answered with 3 simple possible options
  1. «Yes»
  2. «No»
  3. «Maybe/Sometimes»

This Assessment is done online, where you pick the answer by clicking the appropriate box. As soon as you fully fill out the questions on one page, the next one will load automatically.

The Assessment itself is not meant to check your knowledge of any subject. It is meant to help evaluate the current condition of your business. For the best and most reliable results, answer the questions by taking into account your present business conditions, and not how it should be in an ideal scenario.

The Assessment is confidential. Our software automatically calculates and plots a graph based on your answers, while no one, including our consultants, will be able to see how you answered each question. The answers you choose are for your benefit in creating a holistic picture of your current business. The honesty of your answers will directly affect the quality of the evaluation and recommendations for the next steps in your business.

Only a trained consultant can properly evaluate the graph to give you personalized recommendations. The 1-on-1 appointment with the consultant, where you go over the Assessment results, normally takes 1.5-2 hours.

Who we are:

Visotsky consulting is an internationally acclaimed consulting firm founded by Alexander Visotsky in 2009. The company has 7 international branches with 145 employees, as well as a brand new office in New York. Visotsky Consulting has been featured in over 100 media publications and business magazines, particularly about the success of 400+ business owners who have implemented Visotsky’s modern management tools to improve their businesses. Client successes include increased income by as much as 30X, decreased working hours from 80 hours/week to as little as 8 hours/week, increased profits by as much as 50% and many other exceptional successes.

What We Do

Visotsky’s claim to fame is the year-long educational and practical program, the Business Owners Program. Throughout the year, the business owners enrolled in the program smoothly implement, in formulated steps, a management system that properly establishes and/or develops their businesses to the desired level of expansion and operation.

In the Business Owners Program, the business owner will:
Overcome managerial crises
Free up his time from day to day operations
Take the company to the next level of expansion
Professionally engage in business development
Implement a management system for optimum business functioning.

What we’ve done:

Trained over 400 business owners to effectively grow and improve their businesses by successfully completing the Business Owners Program.
Coined the first workable definition of a business owner and his role inside the business.
Been the world leader in helping businesses implement a tried-and-true management system and have won numerous awards for that recognition